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 The Andean Research Expeditions

Return Expedition to Inca Palcay scheduled for

                             May 5th, 2019

           We are back - report to follow soon.  Next Expedition

                          will be in September - stay tuned

As a continuation of the ongoing study of Inca period sites that may be associated with Machu Picchu, we are returning to the remote, deep canyon site, Palcay which we studied and surveyed in 2006 and 2017


Our expedition in April  last year located a  probable ceremonial site that was

unknown and undocumented.  Our goal is to identify what this site may have been and

how it may fit with distant  Machu Picchu.

We will travel with the usual amenities; good meals prepared by our camp chef, Pancho, ample happy hour supplies, dining tent and comfortable camp set up.


We will be able to ride our longtime wrangler's excellent saddle horses, bringing all gear along with pack mules. Of course some steep hiking will be needed to approach the site locations or it would not be an expedition.

                                 PLEASE CONTACT GARY ZIEGLER FOR DETAILS.


See the report of the 2006 expedition: and the 2018 report published in the Peruvian Times:​